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1. Can you take projects home the same day?

Painting Plaster & Canvas, Making Candles & Slime go home the same day.

Painting Pottery ie. plates, bowls and mugs stay at the studio for approx one week to be glazed and fired to be food safe

Mosaics stay at the studio for approx one week to get resined.


2. What are the prices?

Plaster and Canvas Projects start at 19.99 each

Pottery pieces start at 14.99 each


Mosaics and candle making start at 24.99 each


3. Do you have a studio fee?

No, We do not have a studio fee or glazing/firing fee. 

Each project is individually marked.


4. Do you have Parking? YES we have over 100 free parking spots.


5. Are you wheelchair accessible? Yes!

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